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  • Car Battery Installations and Repairs
  • Alternators and Starters
  • Sound System Installations
  • Relays, fuses and switches
  • Lights
  • Dashboard instruments
  • Gauges
  • Trailer wiring and lights

Quality Auto Electrical Repair Services in CanberraAustralia

A car is a complicated mix of mechanical and electrical parts with integrated sensors, processing units, and management systems. This implies any generic mechanic may not properly diagnose and repair all the parts of your car. In case you’re having issues with car’s electrical components, then we’re the trained and experienced auto electricians who can effectively diagnose and repair your car.
Being the leading and most trusted mobile auto electricians in Canberra, we offer reliable auto electrical repair services for all types of vehicles. Among the comprehensive range of auto electrical services that we provide include;


Fault diagnosis is our core tasks. We meet you then discuss your car’s problem before performing any test. We do a thorough diagnosis to identify the cause of your car’s electrical fault. The issues we diagnose include and are not limited to ignition, poor fuel injection, and consumption or engine management system and more.


Your car battery plays a key role in igniting the engine and powering your car lights and other accessories like the stereo system. It, therefore, requires the best upkeep to keep it in tip-top condition. Regardless of its type, make, model or application, we service all types of car batteries. We test and fix battery issues including charging systems and more. Remember that if your car battery is faulty, then it can cause incorrect voltage which can lead to a series of other electrical faults.
Some of the battery checks that we perform include fluid level tests, post or positive and negative terminals, corrosion issues, cables, and loose connections. We also do electric battery tests to provide detailed information on the load test. This measures cold cranking amps and voltage.


We test various car lighting parts including headlight beams, emergency lights, fog lights and more. We ensure that your car’s lighting intensity conform to the required standards. Moreover, we’ll perform any adjustments that need to be done to keep your vehicle’s electrical system functioning correctly.

Installation of auto electrical devices

Alongside diagnosis and repairs, we install and replace all types of electrical components and accessories. We also help modify and replace any of your car’s electrical components with a new version in case you want.


This serves as an electrical charger in your car. It features an aluminium housing and generates direct current for charging your car battery. An alternator helps to power other electrical parts of your car. To ensure that it functions optimally, the alternator drive belt should be checked every time you change the oil. If your car has a loose alternator, then its output is reduced and can seriously drain your car battery. Issues such as poor lighting, dead battery, frequent bulb replacement, and warning lights on the dashboard are clear signs of an alternator problem. We will check alternator voltage and current output and also analyse any signs of bad or malfunctioning diodes. A faulty alternator may also be caused by power-hungry accessories like sound systems and more. In such a case, you may need to replace it with a high-capacity alternator.


Got a car that won’t start? If it’s not a dead battery, corroded or loose connection cables or faulty alternator, then it is the starter. There are several signs that can tell your car starter needs servicing. These include issues like failing starter, idling even after the engine has started, clicking sound from your car starter or intermittent issues when starting your car and more.

Other services that we provide

Other electrical components that we service include power windows, power steering, defroster, windshield wipers, and exterior lights and many more.

Why us?

• We’re licensed and insured auto electrics

We’re fully insured and licensed to offer all types of auto electrical services. We are certified to do installation, repairs, and replacement any type of electrical component on any make or vehicle model. com

• Quality work guaranteed

Whether it is a problem with your car battery, alternator, starter, headlights or any other electrical diagnosis, we promise you quality work. We provide customized services that suit the individual car demands of our customers. We’re never done till your faulty electrical components are fixed and well-functioning. In addition, we use high-quality and original parts that provide durable and long-lasting performance.

• We have experienced and skilled auto electrical technicians

No matter the complexity of your car’s electrical system, we guarantee you great auto electrical repair services. Count on our experienced and trained technicians to fine-tune your car’s electrical components. Our technicians are acquainted with the latest technology and modern diagnostic equipment. Therefore, it doesn’t matter your car type or how tricky the issue may be. We repair all kinds of vehicles ranging from light commercial vehicles to SUVs and heavy trucks.

• We’re mobile, we come to you!

In case you get stuck and cannot access a local auto electrical technician, we’re reachable. We’re mobile and with just a call, we’ll be where you are. We move throughout Canberra including both in and out of town. You don’t have to make an appointment or wait for hours on end to get your car serviced. Call us for quick and quality service.

• We’re affordable

Being mobile doesn’t mean you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets for an auto electrical repair work. All our services are available at competitive prices and we don’t compromise on quality. You can call us and request a custom quote.

• We care about your warranty information

For new cars, we know how critical your warranty is. This is why we promise not to void your warranty on all the parts that we use. Our services are also backed by generous warranty whether it is a small headlight repair or complicated electrical replacement.


Your car’s electrical parts and accessories are as good as other mechanical elements. If one of your car’s electrical components is compromised, your car’s performance is also most likely to be affected. In case you experience an auto electrical problem and can’t reach your mechanic, then we are here to help. We are mobile, hence we come to you. Let us restore the condition of your car through quality electrical services. Contact us for any electrical related repair, maintenance, and diagnosis or replacement service today.